no longer in the shadow

fallen tree in the wood like an aging
soldier clutching a black and white
photo of his family

looking up towards the light with
eyes slowly closing,
a dying smile

escaped chainsaw sound
escaped metal teeth,
papermill river runoff

remembered birds nesting
remembered them
whispering goodnight

thought of the solitude
thought of the book, it
could have been read

to speak its mind in the forest
was silent, silent as a

it yearned for the taste of life;

once stood tall
once stood with bark
closely woven

its heart cloaked thick and black

now open as it lay barely to see
a path out between
thick foliage

the distance out is measured in
its rings

tears flow, moisture for the
new growth

only with a fallen leaf can it
talk of its friends

suddenly, the light vanishes,
no longer in the shadow…

Copyright © 03/23/2013 Ðark Roasted Ƣoetry®


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