the desert shadow

he, searched for a love much like a parched man 
searches in greed for another glass of water
she, in looking for another direction, headed 
for the desert sand to get away
night poured over the heat of the day like water
from a hose poured over a car’s radiator
he, spent weeks in the desert looking at the moon,
trying to pull it down to mask his loneliness
she, sat on the morning dune, heard nothing, saw
nothing, yet through the silence, her heart throbbed
he, found her footprint, then another, the wind blew
ill trying to cover one, then one, unsuccessfully
she, lay there, beautiful, the sun ignited her eyes,
desert sand heat, her passion
his smile hung over her face like a piece of 
driftwood on a deserted beach
she, pulled out a photo from a pocket in her 
paisley dress, sun ignited it, burned slowly
she, ate his heart out for what he had done, 
he, now a shepherd on an endless journey…
Copyright © 03/30/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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