13 miles to somewhere

his poem was carried 13 miles by the wind,
were in the shavings from a pencil,
whittled it down to get the words
beggar on his bended knees burned a fire from the 
scrapings to heat his food,
ate with calloused hands, once wrote the sonnet,
smelled the suitcase leather that carried 
all his belongings 
when his wife kicked him to the curb; 
smoke distanced itself 13 miles, made it through 
a cottage window’s cracks like 
a burglar’s tool,
taste of the beggar’s food got in the cottage soup,
poet with writer’s block 
ate a bowl,
prosed again,
ran naked through his yard to celebrate;
passing field trip, a student with journal
and pen wrote what they saw,
‘a naked man in autumn’,
wins a poetry contest 13 miles away,
the judges, a poet with a whittled down pencil,
a beggar whose wife took him back,
and one clothed prosed man.
Copyright © 04/03/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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