clock in a circle

she was locked into the hour


clock stare in a one room schoolhouse slows


spider crawls along a baseboard like frayed electrical wire


she had 15 minutes to be found

tick. tick. tick.


number to number,

she dials the operator

to find out what time it is


held her breath one inch long


got the dial tone

got the silence


out in the shadow moon

one foot print. then one foot print


screws in her clockwork face tighten

like a ferris wheel tightens


below, children eat cotton candy


housefly in her kitchen looking for a 

morsel to eat


looks up at her swatter, she has no time

to feed


double checks her clock with the grandfather



window being pried open,

makes the creaking noise

like a child’s toy box


no toys left to play with,


now in an orphanage


the intruder winds a pocket watch, on schedule like a derailed train


a woman’s summer hat is left in a train depot station


one minute left as a tear runs down her



then another tear,


her clock ceases


frantically opens up a cupboard looking,

100 clocks fall out,


she falls to her knees searching


old, worn out floor with horseshoe nails

resonates the last ticking seconds


playground see-saw resonates that way


once held his hand until his hand grew too old


her clock started ticking again

set back the time 15 minutes


spoiled the element,


held her breath one inch long…


Copyright © 04/05/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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