get in the limousine

was a bad girl, wrapped up like 

a good girl
wore the black silk gloves,
wore the glasses dark
shifted her life gears, four on the 
floor shifter 
silk scarf worn to keep out the
o2 air breeze
she rode with the top down like
the circus train big top
kept her emotions in check,
but kept looking in
the rearview 
her chest moved up and down
as the foot moved on 
the accelerator
punched it in the curves,
curves in her dress
was painted on, painted lines 
on the highway
she spray painted the road propaganda
signs like she sprayed the 
washer fluid 
tried to keep the bugs off;
when sweet summer rain fell,
she soaked it up into 
her soul
carried dimes in her purse,
called her boyfriend 
like one sees the same movie
still, he loved her, just like he 
loved the cream on top
of the glass milk 
she drove to the sunday service
with her car waxed and clean,
got all the looks when her legs
stepped outside
her age depreciated though, like a kelly
blue book car value;
clouds of rivalry, then a heavy rain,
on the way to see her lover, skidded
out of control
broke through a wooden fence like 
a con breaks out of jail,
quickly came to her senses,
settled down and put the ring on
lived happily ever after…
Copyright © 04/08/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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