of children and the rules of the sky

“we cannot go to school today they proclaimed,”
“i have the measles,” “i have a sore throat,” “i
have a cough,” and the fourth, “i have a stomach
ache;” “and all because of the rain!”
but skinned knees, unfinished homework, and 
nagging siblings wouldn’t stop them from 
their appointed task
first met in their tree house, pulled up the rope ladder,
held out canteens for drinking water
much like local saloon patrons held out shot glasses
for another round,
oft times hit on the ‘b’ girl for one on the house,
similar to termites who hit on homes for free wood;
box of crayons, blank sheet of white paper, the 
four drew the map,
like a secret in a faery tale book—needed a ladder
much as did the Rapunzel rescuer,
rope and pulleys, and of course the puzzle piece,
had to be measured twice, cut once
much as carpenters do when building homes
for waiting termites;
ominous clouds sat motionless like bad tempered 
teachers, apples in worms didn’t appease
they placed the ladder against rain clouds, set up
the pulleys like a sandlotter sets up 
a double play, hoisted up the puzzle piece, neatly
fit into place, not like a jolly roger
liquid water ceased to fall, grayness dissipated, the 
sky made the four sign on the dotted line,
contract stated, “i am everywhere, i begin at your feet,
your heads are here but you cannot fly,
look at me at night to see the stars and to dream,
watch my weather, watch for the rain,
grow up to be adults, do not hide under blankets
or look under beds for monsters,
alphabet letters will appear to spell out your 
future, whisper it, to breathe it is
to live.”
Copyright © 04/16/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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