rusted nail in wood

“i am aging metal rusting from an abandoned factory,

worker’s arthritic hand that dropped me onto a 


cracked, cold wet cement floor; where oxygen 

shadowed me relentlessly, disturbed my sleep


disturbed my dream like a cracked rim in a pothole,

thieved away in a tattered, aging pocket, sold for


3s 6d to a blind carpenter with broken tools,

with a broken soul, hammered me into a piece


of decaying wood where rain, sun and wood

particles aged me, i cannot differentiate 


any longer between my drunk and sober state,

i bleed the rust, nothing good ever came from


a bitter act, but alas a hammer’s claw retracts me,

what is my new fate i ask; i am used to strengthen


a child’s swing, to feel the child’s soulful laughter,

to see them age, to leave, then to feel another


young voice, straying hearts oft times venture

for a ride in the clouds, higher than an illusion, 

oh, you cannot go, without me… “


Copyright © 01/06/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


2 comments on “rusted nail in wood

  1. Tony Nerone says:

    Who would have thought, a poem of a rusty old nail. I enjoyed it very much my new found friend. Reading you may unblock my writing thoughts……….GOD BLESS!

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