the junior birdman

he. wore the goggles,
     wore the leather
buttoned up the leather coat,
threw the scarf over a young 
laced up his PF Flyers
gave up sailing paper boats in 
paper water trickles
worked in his father’s garage
shop with
        rusted nails
in memory of children with rusted
lives sitting in front of
black and white t.v.’s;
stood proud in front of his sopwith 
camel, with 
           U.S. Army Air Corps insignia
           red, white, blue on the tail
propeller made from canoe paddles,
now someone’s 
up the creek
with clothes line rope, pulled behind
on his tricycle,
pulled behind the scent of breakfast
pulled behind looks of amazement held
in friends eyes
headed for a hill lined with leafless branches,
where oblong rain
replaced winter snow
like children replace worn out clothes with
deodorant and attitudes;
sitting in his sopwith camel, propeller slightly
turning with a non-abandoned wind
goggles on, ready to taste the flight, wheels
creaking, turning,
hits a ramp… airborne!
eyes turned skyward, defying the laws of
wind blowing through his smile, he lands,
found freedom for a moment,
earned his wings!
Copyright © 04/21/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

One comment on “the junior birdman

  1. Full of brilliant imagery and leading the reader’s imaginations to expect the excitement of the moment – this poem is full of realistic excitements and lingering memories that lives within the writer…a great write! BKSmith

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