alice doesn’t live here anymore

secretly lived under her bed, ate the golden
cornflakes there, dug a hole
with the silver spoon, was born with it
in her perfectly formed mouth,
but still grinded the teeth, grinded like the
dirty dancin’ she and her boyfriend did
emptied the pine board floor diggings by
the rose bushes as mulch,
parents didn’t have the slightest idea, nor
did the near-sighted gardener
and to check the size of the hole, looked
through the looking glass;
one day, finished digging, climbed into a
different world, was greeted
by one smilin’ cheshire mechanical cat,
purred perfectly ’cause was 
oil by the tin man who was passin’ on his
way to the land of the wizard,
gave Alice a wink and his number, thought
she was rather cute;
began her journey through all things geared,
met the following:
Rabbit in fur wearin’ a monocle
Mr. i am the walrus
A flamingo that stood on one leg, backwards
One caterpillar who advised rather cheap
A mad hatter with whom she had tea with a shot
of irish whiskey
A queen who accused her of stealing tarts, turned
out to be two fat ones,
this was turnin’ into a fantasy rather peculiar;
bought a thatched-roof cottage by the green sea,
went fishing while a mock turtle
sat on a plaster rock,
took a ride in a submarine called nautilus,
up periscope, saw a knight
on a white steed,
sent her boyfriend a dear john letter, she 
lived in a castle, happily 
ever, after.
Copyright © 04/22/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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