the secret life of walter sweetwater

he. reads the times
reads the deadpan
he. looked at their wedding rings
wondered if they were 
really in love,
or were the golden circles like
mattress tags, “do not remove
under penalty of law”
church preacher man lied with his tears,
inside one holy book, carried the 
whiskey flask. he noticed;
church parishioners and choir made to 
wear the blindfold, not permitted
to look at stain glassed windows, or
the hymnal. he did;
“corporation t-shirt” workers love to paint
everything black and white
where he works,
on the 12:00 high noon whistle blow,
employees file out of 
brick and mortar prisons,
come onto city sidewalks,
text an extra-marital,
kick the stray dog;
he sees;
all ride the nyc elevated, eat cracker jacks,
take home the prize for their kiddies,
they smell of popcorn and lollipops,
day at a zoo, sit down just
in time for the three course. he watches;
hoodlums on a street corner tossing
smoked down cigarettes
at passing cars, ashes fly, dust to dust
black and white city law enforcement
questions, “it’s not like being good
got us anywhere.” he hears;
wife in a kitchen takes off her ring
to do dishes, husband in doubt
kids watch reruns of reruns,
skip doing homework,
excuses made up next morn
on a yellow transport ride.
he heard;
all sit in assigned, numbered seats,
just like parents riding 
on the ‘L’,
tickets punched. he feels,
file out like papers being taken
out of filing cabinets
being audited. he knows,
he’s a higher authority…
Copyright © 04/25/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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