no shepherd, one wolf

the shepherd is to the sheep as his
dog is to the wolf
one out of ninety nine sheep missing is
not noticed, nor is
a wolf in sheep’s clothing;
village idiot waving at imaginary autos
at a blinking light,
sheep wait to cross, dark, thunderous
clouds in the offing,
wax candles flicker on damask laid
tables, musicians in tune
like bees in flight,
one drop of rain
one drop of rain,
will be a slow, endless drizzle,
scent of it like railroad steam
looks at windows like train wheels
look at steel tracks;
in homes, children fall asleep in
parent’s arms
as rain knocks uninvited on doors,
drizzle to become a flood, innocuous
to the wet
shepherd washed away, his rod and staff
do not comfort him,
his collar tightens and chokes his
thought, he forgets her
she has lost him as black wind and
torrent carry him away,
a fish cannot be caught or drown in moving water;
remaining sheep in a rowboat with
no oars
wolf watching, unwavering, follows along the
dry, crooked path
sheep look for sympathy, for a crying wolf;
drizzling rain stops, flock high and dry,
rowboat motionless,
like shipwreck victims, they sit and wait
for a rescue that never comes;
one gray wolf eats them in a riding hood
fairy tale way,
he departs in a shadowy form, like rain
down storm drains,
somewhere in a wood, it waits, pounding
chest, touch of the kiss of death,
one sheep in wolf’s clothing…
Copyright © 2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®.

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