fog, and much as the sun may loom

single lane, double yellow separated 
one from the other

like upper class other side of empty
railroad tracks

old rusted car, door hinged outside
nearly passes,

inside faces once familiar like erased 
school blackboards

they turn on an interior electric dome 
light, pull out a gas station

road map, search for their past

water over spills from clogged service station sinks,

seeps into clay floors
mud in streets

like retired footprints;

“gloomy day. sunlight is trying to break 
through the clouds and kill the fog”

dogs in a mire, wait for the sun to 
expose footpaths

pick up the scent,

raw afternoon disappearing
like used umbrellas

haggard look on shop fronts lift similarly 
as draw bridges

but water underneath runs in sewers,

cold in the morn scraped neatly off

stored in containers for another day;

day ends, sun cannot distinguish mist
from fog’s return,

returns like discarded cigarette ash,

breath and voices held within

over double yellow separated,

soon, puddles of it to wade through

splashed up on old rusted cars,

road now drowned with mist
a place to hide feelings in,

one, then one, 

Copyright © 04/29/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


2 comments on “fog, and much as the sun may loom

  1. Such a profound writing with images that pop into the mind of the reader…love some of the lines, “road now drowned with mist, a place to hide feelings in (marvelous!).” This is writing at its best! Barbara K. Smith

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