the fenced wide field level

frozen ground swell pushes unsplit rail
upwards to grasp a cold sun
barbed wire black as coal to sew 
unruly clouds, as one 
does to nuns yardsticked knuckles
grass ladened hills painted by amateur
artist hand skill 
gets an art show recognition as one
does in a gallery
hunters diminish  baa baa black sheep wool,
have not left one stone on one stone
cattle rancher mends the fence along a
parallel line, 
like a french ‘ligne marginal’, stays on his
side of the wall perhaps,
but listens for the sheep rancher’s mending,
listens for the yelping dogs;
sheep farmer grasps one stone firmly,
comes through a wood,
comes through a dark
lifts up a kitchen window, like lifting
up the hood of ’57 ford pickup
mud and sweat on linoleum, on 
bedroom carpet
old stone armed, damage done,
two deceased,
now in a deep, steady sleep,
he gets confused in shadowy moon,
becomes impaled like 
pikers on a stingy bet;
barbed wire black as coal to sew 
wounds with lockjaw
he doesn’t understand his rights
like black sheep didn’t
understand gunshot wounds,
barbed wire black as coal to sew…
Copyright © 04/29/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

2 comments on “the fenced wide field level

  1. This takes me back many years to a tme and place – this poem is well written and opens a reader’s mind to experience visions of beauty and a lifetime of actual happenings – I say, “This is excellent!”

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