able to leap

cement, cold steel, glass drown it deep—
city drywall paint
sidewalk cracks
holds up the sky smog
breathe it
breathe it
like a mouth over a taxi exhaust
faces with zipped closed smiles,
one stops, looks above
they’re all suddenly mesmerized,
past participle, past tense;
green and yellow fruit on an outdoor’s
grocer stand 
ripen quickly
rot quickly,
he charges by the hour
yellow cab steps into a ‘no parking’,
tickets held in place
by old wipers;
malpractice medical man
staunch, scrub 
board, disbarred,
he walks
over sidewalk cracks,
drywall paint lead
“pssst, come here tenement kid”,
he waits for the little black bag
waits for a stethoscope
but the doc steps
one foot in front
one foot behind;
elevator ride to the top of a building tall,
in aging
in 60 year
swivel chair through glass,
cloud view
shards rain down like they have
a place to go,
pick their victims.
he did,
does the free fall
cement sidewalk lands, sound of cracked
runs through the city like a stolen
wife and kiddies cut up onions
for a good cry
cement truck fills the grave,
later, homemade cakes and meat salads,
later, blue collar, white collar in a work
direction like jaunty yellow
blacktop lines,
pull their collars tight
effigies of bosses in cement, cold steel, glass 
drown it deep.
Copyright © 05/01/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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