she hymned them in a propaganda song

1930’s ice cream cone vendors on ocean
front boardwalks 
imprison children’s thoughts
slander democracy
newspapers on warm days cover
soap box lecturers 
sleeping on crowded wooden
splinter growth determined by
waves of beach
goers plummeting into cooler
temperature sea water
drying off from shark attacks
pearly whites brushed in front 
of weigh me scales
fortunes told for a penny
she, such a pretty thing in black
doesn’t perspire
looks knock down in white socks
advertises her pitch on wooden
placed bill of fare
matinee 2:00 pm sharp
married men gander, straighten bow ties
suck it in
wives use parasols to straighten attitudes
promptly, a patched up curtain rises
backdrop, paintings
of audiences childhood memories
she confined herself to a few points
used stage props
took a white
took a black
snap picture
her voice carried well
molded their 
closed minds and disguises
those standing out
in the rain got an earshot
during intermission
she auctioned off a cracker jack
encore performance
audience were mustered 
to applaud her
they exited
no longer
like walking purses where
greedy hands
double dip into
but, burgeoning government spies
keep an eye on
she disappears
nothing sacred.
Copyright © 05/05/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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