widow’s letter

a sea is now cold dear samuel,
images of you are meted out 
like waves
no one sees the pattern that it’s making,
like six foot graves cast upon 
immortality’s slaves
beyond this island’s coastline bound
exiled by family and friends
i have been kept too long in distress,
now calling for you, my tears 
silenced in a drifting wind
the winter sea with its hollow rind
put you into circumscription, 
to you it did confine
far below hollowing waves that crash
now you linger in its chambers, 
lost in its icy grip
i walk along the sea coast
across its salty trail
slowly, as I cast withered flowers gently,
my love for you ever on my mind
a thanksgiving, the mother of your son and daughter
no sorrow, your end taken by the sea life
so fragile, like an agate, the human heart, 
emotions, chiseled 
by God in heaven
my longing for you may bury me
the constant weeping,
my cross to bear
i chose the mourning widow’s path
it is infinite and eternal
stamped like old age
somehow though, I will live on
to stand alone with 
faculties capable
a young widow bowed in controllable grief
i, maggie, your wife, 
will always love you.
Copyright © 05/05/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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