a beauteous thing

penetrating holy men
penetrating diseases
inhabitants lonely persons
say one, a beauteous thing
wore a mask
forest blended
in the highest boughs, rain
rustled to reach
roots, through a dry, parched surface
dust choked with nervous hands
she silently looked 
patiently she 
engulfing the air, yellow diesel dozer
exhausting life
yellow cabs exhaust life in a city
trees in this green environment
soon to be growing
in gray cemeteries
bark becomes the headstone
with deforestation, moonlight 
walks in a slump shouldered
he appears from a promising
eyes meet like sand in a
desert, slow, deliberate
she has the mysterious voice
he the sensual one
spread out on rainforest floor
she takes off her mask
feel the tiny, delicious pain
he fills her up
tender flesh 
persistent love
every glance
she, “i want to be the victim of your
scent of the absence of negativity
forest embodied with embers
in a villa, coastline painted
rings adorn fingers
happily ever after…
Copyright © 05/06/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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