one eye blind

low creeping thoughts

inflames my lust


others’ goods my envy


misery a pity; no one else’s 

intoxicating wealth


distilled so finely that it can filter 

through anything


for it does not need blind innuendos 

nor broken truths


it can exist free and wild, running from 

a teary eye to a blind teary eye


sometimes it just wants parts of my detached body


half-libel for repeated errors,

thwarting another 


assassination attempt on myself


one eye blind decisiveness of a person 

ready to sacrifice their life for 


a half-obscure cause


the one eye blind conviction 

I must do something about 


other people’s inexcusable behavior


and that I may have to do it whether 

they like it or not


derives from the assumption that the 

world is quickly turning to dust


one eye blind to the suffering 

liberated by decay


willfully disobeying with feet 

of clay enthusiasm


yielding hardness is their very core


suddenly it seems that all have 

become one eye blind


somehow now lost in the consciousness 

of a mortal danger


how vigilant they are in darkness 

with one eye blind to light


forever sacrificing a present to a future good

as only as the one eye blind do of colors


irrational one eye blind faith, they want to go 

backwards instead of forward


believing they’re always seen as the best, 

and scorn a guide for their empire


for there they’ll reign, always one eye blind 

to things deeper than skin deep


one eye blind is the process of leading me 

gently back to myself 


what is essential is invisible to the eye.


Copyright © 05/06/2013  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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