the pilgrim state

fixed doubt constant, like a pilgrim band 


one that obligated, did not change 

valued itself in relation to idle variables 


solutions provided by theory, never denied 


the difference between the distances 

from any point to let it ‘b’ 


with its’ standardized values whose parameters 

formed the unpromised land 


its’ effectiveness obtrusively defined, 

measured by hardship’s ability to 


capture them at such a young age 


related its’ constant velocity to their 

perpetual wish 


imprinted an idea in their already clouded minds 


constant tears dripping hollowed out their souls, 

the realm of their inner secrecy 

now public domain 


always in constant acceleration, 

always in constant retreat 


they gravitated toward its’ pull, 

the day is the night 


inadequate fences erected against its’ unfairness, 

holes in the links left unguarded 


they found themselves sacrificing the essentials, 

doomed like a listing ship 


with their inner voices crying, into the abyss 

formed by tears they leapt 


three fingers up in succession: one for sorrow,

one for self-pity,


the dying one for silence surmised 

the impatience endured is un-godlike 


took the beaten path of sorrow, lead 

to where hardships were unknown 


forgot it was often remembered as emotional strife 


the abyss formed a river that entered the plains as a torrent, 

then a malicious stream 


enclosed by body after body of the religious 


tender for another’s pain 


held in place until the hardships made them wise. 


Copyright © 05/07/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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