Wooden Animals

God saw the great wickedness

Decided to wipe-out mankind

However one righteous man 

Found favor in God’s eyes

Gave very specific instructions

In preparation for a catastrophic flood

Noah built a boat quite wooden

Brought into the ark two of all wooden creatures

Female and male – diverse varieties of animals

Moved mechanically up and down;

You think a wooden animal

Is a simple thing

Wooden masks

Wooden decoys

Terrific colors, magnificent

Animals painted withdrawn and shy

Close together

Sailed the skies;

After they entered the ark

Noah cocked his eye and said, “looks like rain”

For a period of forty days and nights

Sailed on a river of darkened light

Salt water under it

Once it was a boat, quite wooden

With no business

In need of some paint

I am sorry, but it was morning

I had nothing to do

And its wooden beams were so inviting

Hoisted her, rigged her

Seen the floating ships before

And nothing will ever be the same

Never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth

As a sign of this everlasting covenant God set a rainbow in the clouded sky

The flood subsided

And the wooden animals

Like worn sea-shells

Emerged strange and lovely

Atop Ararat

Disembarked from a ship of courage.
Copyright © 05/10/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®



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