Fahrenheit 451

Our hearts ignited like two fiery particles

thrown off by the love we had for each other

Happened when our two bodies pressed hard

brought love making to a new level—Fahrenheit 451.

You activated my sensual senses, ignited my engine

I stimulated yours, got in your body and drove you fast

An unspecified amount of time passed as we hung tight

rocked and rolled all night, we both melted inside.

We had reached a luminous phenomenon, sparks flew; eyes glowed

triggered a chain reaction like a storm does to a high tension wire

Put us into further sexual motions, actuated our circuits

our love making was so extreme everything in the room started to burn.

It was so intense I had to install a spark arrester on the bed

but that didn’t stop me from caressing your celestial body

Made me so hot, there was continued sexual activity and growth

flammable effluences discharged when I exploded.


Copyright © 05/13/2103 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry® 


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