Read the news, oh boy

An unlucky man was at

the wrong place at the

wrong time – was sitting

at a traffic light, cable

snapped; light swung

down, went right thru

his windshield; drove

him into the back seat.


Had time to pull out

His wallet and kiss his

wife and kids goodbye

he was in an apparent

state of suspended

animation; looked at

the windshield’s glass

right in front of his face;

the light was still green.


All pedestrians and

Motorists had horrific

painted expressions;

couldn’t believe what

had happened – must

have been a freak of

nature; he was in mid

air when all came to a

halt; nothing moved.


Now was a good time

For him to reflect on

his life – what could he

have done differently or

better and what about all

those he owed money to,

including me; maybe we’ll

lift his wallet at the viewing

if he doesn’t make it.


All of a sudden, everything

Was back to semi- normal, he

was back sitting at that traffic

light –  same scene, the same

scenario; identical to the one

he had been through a dozen

times before; was now no more

than an apparition; he had died

at that exact spot 12 years before.


Copyright © 05/14/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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