Dark figure, outlaw image cast on the ground
Sought sanctuary in the shadow of a doubt
Bank’s slight suggestion, seek and trace
Robber now pursued by posse’s shadow.

Desperado, indistinct – specter or ghost? 
Horseshoes – mere semblance, hint or faint
Rider representation of absence of light
The dark part of a holdup – dominant threat.

Posse to follow, to the town – serve and protect
Marshal and several deputies, gallop to apprehend
Jurisdiction – no boundaries, law widespread
To the lawless, a cause for gloom and unhappiness.

The outlaw seeks refuge from danger or observation
Stole only an insignificant portion or amount
On the run for so long, has an incipient growth of beard
The posse that follows – a constant companion.

Hoof spotted – a tincture of condescension
An indication that the desperado is present
Widow-makers drawn, bullets fly – pretension 
Outlaw handcuffed, brought to justice, tried and hanged. 


Copyright  © 05/14/ 2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry® 


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