and in her eyes

delinquent children skip rope in a street,
steal moments of sanity
fire hydrant water washes away the dirt,
the remains of a previous day
bare feet feel the pull,
the weak suffer
hot black top city pavement,
taxi tires melt
in place
meters ticking,
one fifth of a mile comes out
of knock off
preacher in a church laughs a
hallowed laugh,
abscond with holy water,
abscond with collection
plate change
does the steepled fingers before
inserting a key in a benz
police officer taps on window car
glass for a slice
of a holy pie
sandlot slide zone in an empty lot,
once, a building,
once, families lived
now watch 
sandlotters play, know of caliber
handguns hidden under
plans of shooting the messenger
shooting the landlord
but, hands still cold from 
winter frost
on glass
vagrants kick stones through brittle,
crisp mornings;
on a damp sidewalk, collar up to
be inconspicuous, 
i perchanced,
looked up 
at a solitary Victorian window,
she, with black lace on hands,
with black lace covering
a beautiful look,
i climbed into her eyes,
became a part
of an expression,
she handed me a deep silence,
had a story
held it up on written paper,
black ink dripping onto Victorian
rug, words 
formed in a small, dark puddle,
crept through fibers into 
cracks in a planked,
uneven floor,
resident below placed them neatly 
in a dirty mason jar,
closed with a rusted, uneven lid;
i invited myself up,
she opened a door, slowly,
somewhat reluctantly
i asked to read what was left 
on parchment
a life like a prow in still waters,
yet waves broke
broke her spirit,
i sympathized,
she kissed me
with blue delicate eyes;
on her finger, mark of a 
wedding band
the husband, an undercover cop,
found dead in an
abandoned factory,
birds nest in 
broken window frames
she cried, eyes now hollow
like potholes in 
waxed tabletops,
“i cannot possibly fit myself into
this world any longer,”
she turned away and gestured 
for me to leave,
beyond her look, beyond her veil,
she stood by a lonely
for her love to return…
Copyright © 05/17/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

4 comments on “and in her eyes

  1. Such an inspiring & touching read with images that explode into fantastic imaginations – this is an excellent write! BKSmith

  2. Barbara, how beautiful your words, how beautiful your friendship !’

  3. Vivian L Dawson says:

    ~I felt You through my eyes opening my Soul~

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