Oftener city couyon ask,

“Ca viens Saleau?”

“Mais, jamais d’la vie!”

We answer back;

“Je vas te passé une calotte,

Go to bed, tete dure!”

“What you got, Texians?”

“Stray chats, rotten patate,

And un melon Francais,

Pistaches and gratin; leelahs,

And piss au lis; grand beede’

And capon; podna and domino;

Peeshwank and defan parran?”

“Compare to you, we make the misere” –

“We got tahyo, mamere gaienne, and

Fache’ vieux; chouchoot fais do-do;

Ech! make a bill and we got the Mal au Couer;

Paresse skinny mullet and we have a bleue;

Mal pris and ca viens? Au Bayou;

Canaille gep and par en sous Caimon;

Skunk poo-yee-yi and macaque on our back;

Rocachah and tooloulou that get in our zink;

And get bit by a moustique when we fiank;”

“That’s why we rodee’, or paddle away in a pirogue;

So fast we pomee’, and say goodbye to rahdoht!”


Swamp — translation

Pstttt…it was not “French”…the wording  was Cajun !!


Often a city stupid person ask

“How is it coming sloppy dirty man, sloppy dirty woman?’

“Well, never in my life!”

We answer back;

“I will pass you a slap,

Go to bed, hard head!”

“What you got, all people that don’t talk like us?”

“Stray go away cats, rotten potato,

And cantaloupe,

Peanuts and food stuck at the bottom of the pot;

little balls from the Chinabell Tree-good object

to hit your friends with,

And goldenrods; big clumsy man

And coward; partner and a peeping Tom;

Runt and demised godfather?”

“Compare to you, we make the misery” –

“We got a big hungry dog, grandma girlfriend, and 

Angry old man; thingamajig go to sleep;

Yuk!  Buy groceries and we got the I need to vomit;

Lazy skinny person and we have a bruise;

Stuck in bad situation and how is it coming?  

Golden Meadow;

Sly wasp and sneaky alligator;

Skunk that stinks and monkey on our back;

Burr on the beach that sticks to your socks and

fiddler crab that get in our kitchen sink;

And get bit by a mosquito when you stick your

thumb out to someone;”

“That’s why we run the roads and never stay home,

or paddle away in a small boat like a canoe;

So fast that we laugh or cry so hard we can’t catch

our breath, and say goodbye to boring,

never ending conversation!”


Copyright © 05/22/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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