dirty city

untied, yellowing laces under

a slum tenement table


delinquent child sits in a broken chair, 

rocking her legs back and forth,


mother injects

mother scolds


lead paint ceiling color falls into

a breakfast cereal,


milk comes out of an unpaid

electric bill,


yellow bus metal glass rubber door



a three piece in a narrow alleyway lifts

up a $20 skirt


fills her up like lead pipe water in a 

clogged sink,


some seeps through 


some down a drain to sewers

where miscreants 


with knee high pants wet

elude vice squad




climb up rusting metal ladder

to meet resistance 


from a manhole cover,

yellow cab tire





shots fired, ricochet ’rounds,

rats float dead,


miscreants next;


sewer pipe leak




onto a dear john letter, he leaps

from a platform


without regret





everything about her races

through his memory


erased as he hits


metal glass rubber window

subway car


she watches as a missed

touch fails 


to forgive,

drops to her knees

drops to cry,


she staggers onto a busy 

nyc street 


taxi once parked on a manhole



breaks her into dismantled 



a child eats cereal alone,

stands delinquent


at a school bus stop,


then. walks to school in a cooling,

morning rain


footprints on a sidewalk hold

back her tears,


shadows from a disappearing sun

get washed down storm




to sewers,


follow behind vice squad cops

as to haunt


illicit ways,


miscreants no longer



to sit in broken chairs at a


slum tenement table…


Copyright © 05/23/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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