’57 sedan

gas pedal slammed down to the 
floor board

like tacks holding down a carpet

sweat rolling down his forehead,
clammy hand to wipe

wipers on a windshield, effect like
used rubbers

pelting rain skidding across, out of
control, similar to 

a sedan with balding tires through
a split rail fence

on his lap, raisin jack fermented, back
of mind, missed AA meeting

red light behind with a siren screaming,
blue dressed patrolman

grits his teeth, white knuckles nailed to the
steering wheel

’57 ford fairlane jack rabbits in front of 
a semi

police cruiser to follow, game of tag, but
gets tapped by a dirty, wet bumper

skids into a ditch where shovels removed
dirt and stone

blood seeps through a gash on a five
o’clock shadow

bruised hand on a radio call;

he shortcuts across uncut grass, stands
on worn brakes

slides across gas station gravel, parks out
back by a ripped screen door,

hinges rusted like old hubcaps found on an

kicks the bathroom door in, has to take a
dump bad

sits on a seatless toilet, girly magazine
sits on cracked linoleum

obscene pencil drawings and undialed
numbers hug a wall

he climbs back into his ’57 sedan, pulls
up to a pump, gets it drunk

on fuel, opens up his wallet to pay, her
picture is in there wearing

a forced smile,

tosses it out a crack from a roll down

rain relentless;

dated for years, talked about marriage
as if were a card game

parted ways when they both cheated,
struggled like a bad sleep

to keep it secret,

but smell of cheap cologne and blonde
out of a bottle made it apparent

he was on his way to see his new

cops through up a roadblock, would
have to wait;

hits the brakes, metal against metal,
wood and splinters

on a chrome bumper,

into a stand of trees, bent the fairlane’s

he went through the windshield,

glass and forgotten memories cut through
him with 

an unforgiving look,

stuck him in a crack in the ground
where shovels removed

dirt and stone.

Copyright © 05/28/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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