Called this because you will quite

frankly ‘schist’ in your pants for you

see, you’ve entered the world of the

Nile Crocodile . . . and they do like

to prey on one’s individualistic style.

Whether it be for a quick swim, or

those brazen enough to skinny dip

But sorry, no Tarzan imposters, not

even Edgar Burroughs, and if you’re a

monkey, it’ll be goodbye Mr. Chimps!

Schistosomiasis has a natural feeding

cycle, it likes to attack from within

With humans as its primary meal

When it grabs a hold of any limb

There is an immediate penetration.

And since it can’t really chew raw

food, it does a thing called the death

roll (hold the butter), don’t expect to

emerge, but rather be submerged,

Tucked away for a midnight meal.

When they’re not eating, they like

to sunbathe, but don’t ever expect

to apply sunscreen—after all, at a

length exceeding twenty-one feet,

It would cost a small fortune.

Of course, there is a remedy to

this infliction—simply approach

it stealthily, insert your hand in its

mouth and rip out its teeth—hey

you may even turn it into luggage!


Copyright © 05/28/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry® 


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