the broken time concept

british museum

thames river



on display, ¹. titanic  

and ². lusitania



¹. combs; dinner plates; automobile tires; silver this and that;

lifeboat oars; life jackets with skeletal remains, wore the cracked

wrist watch; etc. etc.

². charred clothing and shoes; k rations; daguerréotype photos;

ship’s propeller; unexploded torpedo from the U—20; etc. etc.

³. diving suit?


time period—1880



the clock;

ticked away the minutes,

ticked away the lives.


clouds began to roll in, just like dark horses wearing

black plumed headgear pulling a hearse,

then. the ghosts—¹. titanic’s;  ². lusitania’s


¹. covered with ice, melting; gray, cold complexions;

fingers pointing, fingers permanently stiffened; exhale

the freezing breath.

². bloodstained clothing; limbs missing; horribly disfigured

faces; some, spitting up sea water; shards of sharp metal in

their heads, cause the fever, wipe the sweat off their brows.


enter through the walls—now. in. the museum,


now seek the souls of the missing,

all locked up in display cases

to silence the mourn, -ing¹ , -ing²


the ships ghosts smash the display plate glass

with rusted balls and chains,

prisoners of the depths;


german ghost unterseeboot,

ⱦhames ʁiver



the 1 x 88 mm deck gun

aimed at the museum,

capitän and two men

from the U—20


coming for the torpedo on display


ᵺə capitän, “geben uns den torpēdō, oder gesprengt werden!”


one of the crew catches a shadowy movement

out of the corner of his eye; he turns quickly

and fires a burst from his MP-18/I


submachine gun, there, lying on

the floor is the diving suit, blood

flows from several holes.


they take the ‘fisch’;

the unterseeboot



moments later, a loud explosion, a cargo ship

begins its descent with captain and crew,


minus one deep sea diver; sinks, to the

bottom of a cold river,


from the periscope, the capitän watches the anguish on

each face, distorted and twisted, the

U—20 slips away, undetected.


time period, 12:56 p.m.


the glass on the clock cracks and breaks;


the hands, frozen; much like the titanic’s ghosts hands frozen,

much like the lusitania’s ghosts numb hands;


now. all regaining some feeling, a feeling of restitution.


Copyright © 05/29/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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