black dog alley

alley fell into the pit of his stomach
on a fire escape,
afraid of heights where steel and rivets
fastened to smog
fastened to lives,
held sounds of escaping tenants from
false alarms
metal railings smoothed from frightened
palms without grips
in a Mission church with a neon, 
flickering cross
they hold tight onto hymnals in pews 
where pockets
are turned inside out to collect dollars
and subway tokens;
subway trains run underneath with 
mole blindness
for a place to rest, let off passengers
to go and rob homes,
only costs them two and a half bucks,
but not for the leapers
theirs is free, much the same as dancing
on a fifth floor ledge;
alley cats walk across ‘for only’ signs
with the same 
attentiveness as a salvation army 
colonel carrying 
a red kettle filled with lost identities,
black dog pack on the prowl looking
blindly into turned over
trash receptacles with incinerated 
remains from 
crime scenes,
poverty is the parent of a revolver 
tucked loosely
in jeans with button down flies,
a No. 38 is an excellent argument
with a thug
carrying folded steel
carrying street fights;
aging brick and mortar let go of
rivets, fire escape
tries impudently to hold on,
rakes the side of brick where
tenants watch anxiously
through checkerboard iron
barred windows,
cashes in when steel meets
alley dumpsters
he is busted up with the same
tenaciousness as 
riot police rubber bulleting 
Mission church holy roller
administers last 
rights,picks a pocket or two
for subway fare.
Copyright © 06/01/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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