deep mud glued in truck wheels,

spin onto black flaps,
truck bed carries baa baa black
sheep into a field
where a sheep dog stands by a
fence gate painted closed
grass lies waiting where a mesa  
has a slow drift 
into a water pool;
slick finger on a palm that pushes
him against a wall
she anticipates with beaded bag
skin and a Sunday lunch;
snake in a hollowed out tree
stump like hemp rope
coiled, touch of badass with a
poison sensation of 
warm custard on a tongue
coated with white school
pardon in a prison parole board,
keep a dead secret, 
convict on his knees trembling
with a winter frost
filling his soul like seeds sown
in soil from a cemetery plot;
two piece suit with a windsor
knot holds a breath
as a hold up man with a g.e.d.
and untied shoe laces
steps in gum on a sidewalk
where barking dogs
short order cook wipes sweat
onto breakfast eggs and 
customer in a formica booth
jerking off his girlfriend
with promises kept in old
luggage with a 
forgotten combination;
police kick down a door 
labeled innocent,
fire off rounds without Mirandizing
uncleaned milk bottles,
they scream high and sharp
into cheap cigar 
smoke, glass like long, slick
bodies exercising
on treadmills;
book in a library with a scent
of dust and senior
citizen hands closed tight by
a child with a look 
on his face, same as one in
traffic where drivers
put on tired looks and rub
hate into steering
laying on horns, sound of 
blast furnaces,
but, something inside keeps
them silent,
“the quiet sense of something

Copyright © 06/02/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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