Sleep Pretty Darling

You lay there peacefully, so

beautiful, your soul to keep

I watched over you after we

made love – I had to leave.

We met – chance encounter

was love at first sight; your

skin was milk white and as

smooth as silk – solaced.

Little was said – we knew

deep down in our hearts

this was meant to be, we

had a common bond.

Everyday we set aside time

from our busy schedules to see

each other – time for you was

precious, for me, running out.

Each second of the day we

thought about one another, our

love grew stronger and stronger

sadly though, it would soon end.

There would be no secrets

between us – we made a

promise; but I had one that

I could never reveal to you.

I stood by your window, was

unsolaced – for you see my

love, I was dying; could not

bring myself to tell you.

I kissed you softly on your lips

as not to awaken you – left you

a note – over the balcony I went

Leapt to my untimely death.


Copyright  © 06/03/2013  Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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