A-l-p-h-a-b-e-t Rain

Aqueous vapors in the atmosphere

began to fall to earth, at the same

moment she explained to her mother,

“It’s beginning to rain, but not like I’ve

ever seen it, in fact it’s quite weird!”

Her mother strolled over and threw

up the sash; “Oh my, I haven’t seen

an A-l-p-h-a-b-e-t Rain since granny

died!” “Well, at least the letters are

falling in their customary order!”

She continued, “Now listen very

carefully – you must go out; other

wise you’ll never get a man!” “But

mother, it’s now beginning to pour

and I might get drenched!”

“Don’t but me young lady!” “Time

is wasting; take an umbrella if you

must!” So, with great hesitation,

the young, attractive woman ventured

out – and she loved it!

Her mother called from the second

story window, “You see, I told you

it would be worth your while!” “Be

sure to pick the right letters!” “You

know, remember your A-l-p-h-a-b-e-t!”

And so, the young beauty all dressed

in virgin white, chose her letters with

great care, in hopes to make her mother

proud; but was all in vain, for you see

her ‘ideal’ man turned out to be all wet!


Copyright © 06/04/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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