sky of a tree, leaves tell secrets

to frost
i take the sun in my mouth
to feel
the worth of your soul,
stars walk backwards in 
moon lit 
nights so i can drink your
you enclose me in your 
i hear you crying, i sleep in 
your tears
you hold rain in your tender
i skip a stone in the wetness
of your heart
my mind strolls hungry to 
make you,
i lick you like honey on a
porcelain jar
i lay on you, eat your
i penetrate your lust, you 
mark my 
back with fingers that run
deep into
my skin
wind blows in through open
blinds, window,
dances on silk sheets,
i push further
my palm rubs your breast,
you arch 
your back,
your voice
lips bitten,
i come
i love you,
Copyright © 06/06/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®

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