of whispers and footprints in silence

‘Closed’ sign swings on a rusted chain
behind whitewall marks

and faded 50’s radio stations,

ceiling fixtures hanging where fluorescent
lighting showed greasy

meals and ketchup stains in plastic menus,

tabletop jukeboxes silent from roosevelt’s
being dropped into

hear a number, a letter, some sad song
because your best girl

just kicked your insides with saddle shoes
and a forgotten smile,

cheap ink and temptation scribbled in
haste in bathroom stalls

a leather jacket and an attitude slapped
a ponytail and a poodle skirt

into a high school dance,

soft drink glasses slid across a formica
counter top on knees

with somewhere to go;

diner swivel tops embedded in black
and white tile like

mushrooms in shadow and earth,

waitresses in white similar to ER
nurses, tending to the

needy and bad pickup lines,

hairy, sweaty short order cook flipping
burgers and groundhogs

blue plate specials for the after 5:00

whispers of secrets to a bff,
whispers in eyes drinking

whispers carried out doors;

footprints on a mopped floor not
willing to let go,

footprints quiet as to hide what
souls won’t reveal;

silence as walls and fixtures remain
as quiet as old faded books

in antique store windows,

silence as conversations paid their
tab and left in convertibles,


Copyright © 06/26/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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