she got too close

ribbons of pain climbed through her, 
she suffered where old ivy grows
into cracking mortar,
inserts fingers and pulls apart
red clay; her soul was 
wet like rain in
aging walls;

she fell for him in a slow twilight, love
written in smoke circled ’round,
night darkness laid out on
damp surfaces; he made promises
like echoes in school hallways,
solitude occupied
her listless look;

dark eyes seen where abandoned 
windows sit shut, ghosts of
school children’s faces,
never had a chance to 
grow up; illusions of living,
cold, much
like winter frost;

she pulled up shadows off of sand 
and dirt where jacks
were played, he watched through 
broken windows, stood on stairs in 
a condemned factory,
watched her turn from child
to woman;

footsteps down stairways, footsteps
down streets where images of
double dutch clung to
row houses, patience never
found a way;
he cut his face thinking
about her;

drops of blood fell into tired water
in a sink, he looked at an
old image in a mirror;
she smiled on a street corner
as she slipped into a
new beginning and clean



Copyright © 07/12/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


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