‘the mystery’—part two…

the neighbor kept silent…

on stocking feet, not trusting ancient boards to 
keep still,

all the while racking his knotted mind in heaps,
he birth

a smile. his liquid fingers grasping the magnum
hard enough that

fingers whitened. on the landing, her door ajar,
with wide eyes

spied the creep hunched over the spread-eagle gal
tied to four

posts. she, mouth socked, eyed his framed shadow
in the hall and

nodded slightly, even as the crud undressed, bent and
began to 

engulf her. the neighbor, restrained, watched the movie
reel, fiction

action, the creep began to fondle her passionately but

feelings. the elderly friend raised his arm, fired
and red ribbons

adorned her presence but the stench was unpleasant
enough she 

puked unashamedly. “take a shower, sweetie. i’ll take
care of 

this, don’t you worry.” arthritic, aged, the former butcher
wrapped the 

meat to go—sheet, mattress cover, blanket, rug—it wouldn’t
leak plus

wouldn’t leave a trail on their non-existent weedy lawn when
the creep was

moved to his house. his wife, still occupied, the t.v. noise

deafening, never saw the intruder enter, the pillow beside
her plumped

and placed behind the sofa where she sat. her nagging nudged
at his

sanity. double luck, the bloody bullet passed through to shatter the t.v.
set then

he pressed the gun into the creep’s bloody mitts before taking the weapon
to hit himself 

with. it bloodied his forehead. the gun was unregistered and had no

number. emergency vehicles pulled up outside, saw his open door
and hustled in

side. the creeps’ weapon lay in his neighbors’ river of thorns from which
there would be 

no return. they found the three sprawled in the old house and

the neighbor kept silent…

Copyright © 07/27/2013 Sandra S. Corona and Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


2 comments on “‘the mystery’—part two…

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    i kept thinking I was watching a murder mystery unfold…
    intriguing Lance! kept me watching as the pages in between turned

  2. MaryRose, thanks, this part was written by my friend, Sandra S. Corona, a very talented poet!! Take care, Lance

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