on writing…

on writing...

‘a love for writing comes as if on wafted breeze, just after a morning summer’s rain… drops of inspiration rolling off tin roofs, feel the liquid measure in your soul’. Cross stitching of the soul. Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread® © 2013

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2 comments on “on writing…

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I was going to say I liked one of the lines but then they all flow and entwine into
    such a beautiful thought that I cannot like one more without the others
    so I really like ALL of the words you have spun and weaved into a work of art that I just know is written in the heart of the pages of the photo
    its another one feels as well as reads…
    Take Care…Lance

  2. Hello MaryRose,

    I do believe I like what you’ve said as much as what I’ve written!! You have a gift for expressing yourself. Not only when commenting, but more so when writing poetry!!



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