‘the mystery’—part 3…


she woke up early that morning with her 
head banging 

like rusted pipes in a condemned building,
an alarm clock

went off with a time that didn’t wanna
be heard or seen,

halfway into getting ready for work she
realizes it’s 

saturday morning and the office can wait
until monday;

“what a hangover!” “what was i thinking?”
“my keys, my keys, 

what did i do with them?” she empties her
purse onto wrinkled

sheets and a skipped laundry day; picking
through loose change

she pulls out a picture of her boyfriend, 
“with all my love”

is inked on the back, “but who was that
guy buying me

drinks all night?” a long argument one
week ago reminded

her why; while she’s showering, a
dirty message is left

on her cellphone; she splits the 
bathroom blinds,

“theo, you and your binoculars!”
“won’t you ever 

give up?” after slipping into a robe,
she starts putting

the things back in her purse, “what’s
this?” “oh, I’d 

almost forgotten about her.”
to be continued…

Copyright © 08/01/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


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