Sky parchment writings by Vivian and Lance

of wingless flutter and a summer wind


painted kites with tails of cotton sheets

skip among drifting



small town children, barefooted, tug

on string attached to


wood framed airships, green eyes as

to watch like Catis eye



spun off of fingers with knees buried

‘round a sandy circle


smell of twisted hemp on hands gets

lost in lake



calls by parents echo off in a distance

as swimming trunks


stay wet, dripping bodies run home

late through neighbor’s



little Tommy thinking it can’t be time

to take a


bath, just a waste of water for a

little gunk left



my ears, surely parents to believe

Rover ate my homework


and send me straight to bed

meanwhile Sally worries

about old


Mr McElroy’s yard with a bear of a

guard barking and


carrying on, “Hoot” goes the owl,

now escalating the



all of us children now wishing

we were already home


as the roar of thunder from a

distant storm rolls



safely being tucked in under

the covers with


Mommy and Daddy in the next



Copyright 08/08/2013

Vivian Locastro Dawson & Lance Sheridan


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