of 3 o’clock and red leaves

only of time can i talk about a clock,
of air crisp that snaps wafted

wet of water drops that glide off and
moisten red leaves, they drink

clouds float into my life where one rides
on colors, for i know i shall meet

she comes to me on melodious fabric
of woven light, with purity of

sent by our heavenly father, in all
his glory, the sanctity of

he purifies our thoughts, everything
shall be well, we are united as

she and i sit beneath shade and the
gentle calmness of a vast

but, the time is ticking, then stops
where one stops at a

we both waited a lifetime, do we
proceed, or do we stop at

God touches us both with gentle
hands, “forsake not this

my love and i walk among splendorous
things, her hand in mine,

new beginning, leaves blossom, as does
our love for each

Copyright © 08/21/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


3 comments on “of 3 o’clock and red leaves

  1. The writer uses fantastic images and metaphors to inspire a reader with facts that are important in life, realizing time is being sucked away with the wind and time is valuable to capture dreams and desires of life. The is an excellent & profound writing! BKSmith

  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    Like x 2. 🙂
    Lance, just catching up today and enjoyed all your posts very much. Be well and poem on ….

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