she melted in darkness (*Contains Adult Content)

sharp edge of night rolled out like dice

in a dirty alley

where garbage played with green balloons
taken from picked

wallets and stolen snaps of kids playing
on rusted seesaws,

sounds of their laughter echoed into dead
end walls filled

with cracked mortar and bullet holes, a
siren with red

lights screams at the top of its lungs
for justice; she, standing in a négligé,

pushes her apartment window down,
draws hand sewn

curtains, thunder applauds, lightning
candles the room,

he in silk pajama bottoms, bulging,
she strokes him

once, wrapping her painted nails
around his cock,

he puts his hand on her vagina,
finger fucks her,

pushes her body tight, nipples dance
on his chest,

she is wet like the smell of sweet
summer downpour,

he dips his hand in to taste, touches
her lips with it,

kisses the inside of her mouth with
his tongue,

on a bed as she grips brass bars, he
licks her pussy

like honey on a porcelain jar, she cums,
puts his penis

in deep, sucks on her breasts, legs
wrapped, embraced

on his ass, fucking her up and down,
hands draw blood

on his back, deeper and deeper,
banging the fuck

out of her, arches silken back as
he explodes,

stays in, rubbing her sides with the
head of his cock,

pulls his hair hard, bites his lip
hard, “keep

fucking me… ”

Copyright © 08/28/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


2 comments on “she melted in darkness (*Contains Adult Content)

  1. Yes…god, yes, please do…

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