i drowned along the mist of her walk

steel face on a footpath so no one
would look at 

no one to wink similar to scratches
made on a
second story 

window by wind moving branches
back and 

forth, fire hose effect, like etchings
engraved in her

from years of crying
from being 

all alone,

she left alone the grass walk and
walked where

cables and rivets tried to hold
the love

had lost, now a scavenger gathering
leaves and sticks

to build her a shelter, white 

a mist grow cold searching for
clothes tattered

that she tried to pull off, ones
he had bought

left a mark like a wedding

tried to wash it away a 
dwarf of a 

she tried to depart into the horizon
of despair

but mist veiled crept up slowly on
hands and 

knees bleeding, brooded where 
wreaths of shadows

covered her sleep, she cannot wake
in the dawn

scattered light darted on wing like
chimney swifts,

out of darkness
out of swamps

he woke in her morrow in her
breathed thereon,

as the soft mist as the dampness
rising from the ground

the mist pulling up their voices
yet he cannot

in her presence, yet he drowns
in his still

love for her, he staggers, he
stumbles upon

of misted sand searching for
her gentle lonely

footsteps… they wash away 
where tears
are wiped

by tired hands pushing them
away as do

of puddles,

she climbs between the porch
pillars porch swing

they drift into her where splinters
become painful,

yet he attempts to remove them
with warm

he whispers into mist into her
soft ear,

“i love thee still”

the steel withers off between
forest moss

collapses into cold hard ground
as she collapses

his arms into his heart

Copyright © 10/29/2013 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


4 comments on “i drowned along the mist of her walk

  1. There’s one word to describe this poem, “Profound!”

  2. Barbara says:

    Hauntingly lovely

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