clouds that dropped into the sea

rim of sun in morning air,
pushes overcast
skies into the sea,
they drift along undaunting
with sails of white
fabric, much like 
a skiff, bow lapping 
silent waves.

once, footprints along the
shore, now
vanished, rocks
jagged trying to hold
onto memories,
but rather much like
wisps of stones
skipped along 
the surface.

sprays of salt dance on the 
shore, pebbles delight,
thirst for more,
roll of thunder, harsh and
exciting, casts
rain upon the sea
like fishing lines, gulls
circle like slanted
wooden oars.

springlike leap of whitecaps,
crests with foam,
soon, blue gaps of
sky above, taunts the
gray, clouds lament
and despair, 
pieces scatter into
wind and landscape,
fresh is the dawn.

Copyright © 12/18/2013 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


4 comments on “clouds that dropped into the sea

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    wonderful Lance…
    I love the second verse….well all of them, but I really liked the second one
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. This writer’s images are magnificent which allows this reader to realize the imaginations are so real it is like reaching out to touch them – life is like this poem…time is fleeting and life is short especially when their are darkness in the days.

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