Chitwick in the Forest Down

On oldid parchment with blackink he writes
whilst he walks in Chitwick
in the forest down

He stands quite still with thought,

presses a flower fair between pages,
was once woven into 
the life with
wooden tree,
into the life of earth

Strides the path made by leprechauns
and herded goat

Along the dirt walk grows green foliage
curtained with sun,

from whose forest roof it enters, 
gently pushing aside 
branch and leaf,
much like wind riding on
apprenticed clouds

He a poet is, pens about ‘her beauty
and how much he
loves her’

Feels her smile move across
his face,
the wildflowers

Her world smells of ladyslippers 
and forget-me-nots, watered
by summer rain from
distant lands

After, she crosses the gôd cyningwith 
fingers tight on 
mythical beast,

in the heavens, in the sky, it
gallops with thunderous

She whispers to the white
mythical beast, travels over
the whale-road to see

the sea,

all things mysterious and unsurveyed like hidden, 
wooded dwells,

to Chitwick in the forest down
to be with him,
lived the happily ever after,
once upon.

Copyright © 01/10/2014 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


4 comments on “Chitwick in the Forest Down

  1. This beautifully written poem takes the reader through magnificent images to cause the reader to actually see a canvas painting being performed before the eyes. Excellent!!

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