Consciously decided

Summer a.m., humidity ridin’ damp,
pulling off dry faces 
and deodorant
he, aged ten, sat on an unmade bed
putting on jeans,
a dirty t shirt
and old sneakers with 
glued labels…
gulped down his breakfast, had an
appetite for fishing.

Scent of a pond where a small pier
and cattails
took up residence
found its way through a kitchen window,
pushed aside worn curtains,
pressed itself into the
boy’s nose,
he grabbed his rod and reel,
can of worms, 
grabbed anticipation.

Fish came crawling cautiously at first
from behind rocks
and grasses,
to them, can’t have pleasure without
the pain
one looked out the corner of its eye
at the bait,
much as a blind dog 
looks around a corner at 
a blind cat.

This bluegill had an appetite for worms,
preferred them to mayflies
a sharp hook sank in like a piling
into wet cement,
’rounds of reeling and thrashing commenced…
now, lying in a wicker basket
desperately seeking oxygen,
ten year old eyes sorrowful
lavender and bronze reflections scatter
into murky darkness.

Copyright © 04/19/2014 Ðark Ṝoasted Ƣoetry®


2 comments on “Consciously decided

  1. Love the details of a young boy’s fishing trip with images only a fisherman could understand – the voice of an honest young lad enjoying the day of yanking out blue gills! Loved it!

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