A woman illustrated

There she sat on a sofa,

            drinking a glass of


staring out a dirty window

            covered with


and scars from kisses long

            ago, getting


she sees parking meter men

            on the north, on the


of the city, dressed in blue,

            dressed in gray,


out tickets with silver pencils.


She hears their whispers tapping

            at the window,


for his, hoping for a military man

            undressed from foxholes


four years, now searching for

            her with stray dogs,


half a memory, a knock…

            she looks inside her


to see if she is wearing clothes.


She sits in her flowing beauty,

            lights a cigarette with


good looks and hand touching

            her face, she turns


opens up a desk drawer, pulls out

            his letters, all filled with


and broken promises; a deadbolt

            turned like seconds on a


he pulls up his collar on an empty street.


Copyright © 04/29/2014 Ð Ṝ Ƣ Ñeedle & Ŧhread®


2 comments on “A woman illustrated

  1. This writing is a reader’s delight because it will more than likely fit most of our past lives with images of the writer’s own experiences in time. The images are so realistic and pure to allow a reader to ponder their experiences too – I love this type poem!

  2. Barbara, you create a grand image with your responses to my writing – one that illuminates the poet’s words and meanings… thank you!

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