Mind not me, mind not my ways

Spread your palms and open the flaps of
your garments, brethren, fill
the collection plates with the silver coins
whilst ye gargle with the holy
water, be loose in the knees as ye open
up the black book. ….to anyone
dying be of splinter in hands as ye climb
the rickety wooden ladder to
the pearly gates; i dilate my mouth with
spiritual breath as i deliver this
morning’s sermon on converting mockers
and sinners and dreamers. ….
we will descend into town and village as
the odor of religion, we shall
cut down forest wood to make more
crosses. ….by God, every pew
in our two churches shall be filled!

(quick stepping, common featured zealots
with everyone’s name on the
tips of their fingers sought out the “naïveté”
with religious beliefs they
thought were simple as grass. ….you there,
impotent, accept our way
into body and breath, we embrace and
henceforth possess you, cut
the cordage of your non-believing days;
*a few were able to escape,
trickling tears for the replenished pews).

Copyright © 08/15/2015 fishbonepoetry®


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2 comments on “Mind not me, mind not my ways

  1. The words and photo are astonishing

  2. Thank you – you have my sincerest appreciation!

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