Of sleepers and shadows

Sleepers and shadows—threading into myths
in primitive fables, fables with
landscapes, pure sky and level sand where
dredging machines dig deep
to lay rail and spike for the locomotive train;
workers carrying sweat on
their backs as they twain the swamp, they seek
the valley green. ….sound of
forest, pine and saw, drinking from mirages of
streams, once, now dust
and fishbone, soon, steam smoke to span. ….
and who shall ride the cars,
the feverish for more, and what of questioning
children pulling on their clothes,
looking out at a voiceless Earth—hooked and
linked together like freight on
cold rusted wheels. ….curious, in time, fables
speak of the deeds of heroes.

Copyright © 08/12/2015 fishbonepoetry®


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2 comments on “Of sleepers and shadows

  1. Magnificent images and in a voice of knowing!

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