The copper mines

He had been the wise, the singly, a lonely time
under the earth’s lands—copper mines
and unbreathable air and the silt rivers. ….
hard-faced dark even with the candle
wax burning; tapping on veins with a pick
axe and tired flesh, worn down
joints replaced with the metal bone. ….
wooden supports moaning and creaking,
unresting thoughts amid and upon
his mind; shadows of the fallen, widows waiting,
their children inheriting fragments of time—
kept in jam jars with pieces of rain. ….identities
don’t exist, the earth above doesn’t exist;
in his pocket he carried the sullen note, much as
all sullen notes inked out on the gathering of
Sunday, pity inside religious prison walls—
“O the sight of you half forgotten, suffer i must,
fearful i am, languishing faith and slow belief,
quiet tears; ceaseless, i pace as a black-eyed
shadow, hands wretched and aging; our children
live among the thief of nourishment, and what of faith,
i walk down its narrow aisle too tired to pray, no soul
to keep; give up this mining, my love so that i shall
no longer live with deep, half-stifled sobs and the
empty sounds of your breathing, come home soon.”
a thousand days later, the copper mine ceased—
vanished now the labored breathing, wretched faces,
drifts of darkness. ….no longer shall they be missed.

Copyright © 07/20/2015 fishbonepoetry®


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2 comments on “The copper mines

  1. This is such an excellent write – wow – it touched the core of this reader’s soul and brought a knowing of the pain the man felt but he could not bring himself to give it up – that happens in people’s lives and they have “no” control of their actions. This describes an amazing journey of a helpless soul hoping to achieve the riches he so desires – I rate this excellent!

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